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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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another person. three money orders totaling $335 allegedly transferred from gore to what prosecutors refer to as candidate b or campaign b. >> reporter: want my name cleared. >> reporter: brown, a former mayoral candidate, long claimed he was handed cash and money orders, even promised a job from gray's campaign. he said he was offered the things in exchange for verbally attacking the former mayor fenty during debates. brown got a job when gray won. when he was fired, he started telling his story to the media. turns out about the same time in march of 2011, prosecutors say that thomas gore knowingly destroyed a spiral notebook containing a record of payments to candidate b. >> and how were you paid? >> the i shall initial payment in cash. >> an envelope with money? >> a white envelope. yes. >> reporter: during the same time, mayor gray repeatedly
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denied wrong doing and called a special weekend press conference following brown's initial allegations. >> i can't imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior, and i know nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> reporter: meanwhile, this is a picture of mayor gray in las vegas monday, trying to drum up business for the district. his spokesperson declined comment and referred us to gray's attorney, bob bennett. bennett told fox 5 he could not comment on the charges while this investigation is ongoing. all right, we should tell you the well-known attorney fred cook is representing gore. we tried to get a hold of cook today and we could not. coke has represented many other city leaders in the past, including former council member harry thomas jr.. laura? >> matt, what is next at this point for gore? >> reporter: we found out this afternoon he will be in federal court tomorrow morning. a plea agreement hearing has been set for 11:00 a.m.
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and as far as the mayor, we heard back from his spokesperson. he's on a red-eye and should be back wednesday morning. >> thank you for the update, matt ackland. d.c. councilman marion barry hospitalized in las vegas. he tweeted that he developed a blood clot while waiting on a plane on his way to sin city. the 76-year-old posted a picture, this picture of himself with one of the nurses who is taking care of him. the chief of staff is expected to make a full recovery. ba barry, mayor gray and other council members are in vegas for a convention. another big story, traffic running through again after a school bus caused the officials to shut the tunnel down and that happened after 10 this morning. the fire causing a chaotic and desperate scene. >> to the highway? >> reporter: look at all of that smoke. >> reporter: panic in d.c.'s tunnel. >> all i heard was a big boom.
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>> reporter: a school bus on fire, thick black smoke and flames bellowing out. >> i was worried about choking to death. >> reporter: threatening to trap dozens of drivers. >> get the police and go to the home. the fire truck. >> reporter: an unoccupied yellow school bus being used by the military and being towed out of the tunnel suddenly caught fire. >> we were sitting in that car and the smoke came. they started running and police started running so we started running. >> reporter: motorists described a scene of chaos as cars came first to a standstill and drivers attempted to turn around in a scramble to get to safety. >> a lot of commotion. people trying to furn around. a blot -- to turn around. a lot of black smoke and fire from underneath the bus. chaos. >> reporter: the police directed drivers out of the tunnel and on to washington avenue southwest. the up it tunnel was -- the tunnel was shut down causing
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traffic tieups. motorists waited nearly an hour in the rain. they then went into their cars. no drivers were hurt but the experience left some badly shaken. >> a little nerves. shook up. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: the three capitol hill police officers were treated for smoke inhalation and are recovering. the fire officials say the fire appears to have been caused by a mechanical issue and they continue to investigate. the archdiocese of washington is suing the federal government over birth control. the group is upset over the new healthcare rules requiring religious institutions to provide contraception coverage. the suit claims the mandate violates free speech guaranteed in the first amendment and that is one of 12 filed nationwide. a bury jewel service for the only man convicted of blowing up a pan-am747 killing hundreds of people in the air and on the ground in lockerbie scotland. a small crowd was at the funeral. three years ago, he received a
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hero's welcome home. he had prostate cancer and he was released for humanitarian regions and -- reasons and that outraged families who lost loved ones who lost family in the 1988 attack and lawmakers. >> it was an ungrave justice that the man died in freedom instead of behind bars where he should have been and that is where he belongs and it's despicable he was able to die with his family. > death doesn't impact the ongoing investigation into the bombing. military precision at a parade rehearsal turned to chaos. a soldier in yemen detonated a suicide bomb aimed at fellow soldiers. at least 96 people are dead and officials believe this is also a failed assassination attempt
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on the nation's minister of defense. yem know's army has been battling al qaeda militants who seized control of the teritor net south last year. and president obama is closing the nato summit with a speech in chicago as we told but at the top of the hour. the president is speaking about the future mission and exit strategy in afghanistan, saying afghan forces will take the lead next year. >> and this will mark a major step toward the goal and completing the transition for security by the end 692014, so afghans can take responsibility for their own country and so our troops can come home. >> and nate so unified on the plan to responsibly wind down the war in afghanistan. this is as protestors made their voices heard on the second and final day of the nato summit. craig bosswell joins us live from chicago with the latest.
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craig. >> reporter: good evening, laura. protestors gathered this morning. a smaller number than sunday and still a good-sized crowd. 200 activists here. they opposed boeing's building of missiles and planes for the u.s. military and calling it a day of celebration, wanting to shut down the corporation for a day. obviously, the videod open now and boeing prepared for this. they covered street windows. it was a heavy police present here and barricades remaining. the crowd now, activists moved on as much as the police, the chicago police now. presume chicago, national re- election campaign headquarters and that is where they're gathering at this point. no clashes between police and protestors as on sunday. both sides showing restraint at this point and that remains to be seen what is going on, whether or not the groups will splinter off and here at various venues along the city
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and president obama wrapped up his remarks seconding on. the nato summit wrapped up here in chicago. protestors making their voices heard and that will move on into the evening. laura. >> i want to talk about what the president spoke about. we were looking at the pictures of protestors and looks like a huge turn you > of course, a lot of police in riot gear as well. did it affect traffic at all? chicago -- at all in chicago downtown? >> reporter: absolutely, it it's a traffic nightmare. you have activists marching throughout the city, rolling road blocks. when you get 2, 300 people marching down the street or 2500 as we did on sunday, yeah, some businesses are closed in downtown in preparation for this and they towed their employees home and people are talking about getting around downtown. a nightmare even for people riding trains. the metro and there were several stops. >> and no violence? >> and to the trains. >> not yet. no clashes as on sunday.
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ninety protestors arrested over the entire week. >> okay. >> ahau.s. relations with pakistan? what did he talk about that today in his speech. >> exactly. there is a lot of questions remaining there. president obama met with karzai of afghanistan and from pakistan. a brief meeting, mainly a photo op and there is some tension there and the opening of the supply routes to nato forces. pakistan is not doing that yet and asking for a heavy fee per truck, about $5,000 per truck and this is still a sticking point in negotiations there. >> and that is an ongoing issue for the u.s. relations with pakistan in the last few months. thank you forking bringing us up to -- thank you for bringing us up to date. >> okay. and a wet, dreary day in the area. gary mcgrady is down with the latest. gary, is this because of alberto? >> reporter: not really. we have a lot of moisture
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offshore. and referring to a popped up this weekend and i spent a lot of time talking about our alberto in the full weather forecast and most of this is this easterly flow and which is throwingback moisture to the east of us in the ocean. not again, not all related to alberto. and let me show you the radar. you see the line? that is a warm front and that is warmer. temperatures in town to the mid- 70s, to the north, cooler and can you see a few showers. i want to zoom in to downtown here and northwest, getting a cell there and anything among the front or south of the front could become a little thunderstorm and looks look most of the showers should be showers. other than, that scattered and isolated through the evening hours and wet out there and drizzily, too and where it's not raining. could get fog as well. the bigger picture, satellite and radar and that is to the
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east of us. look at the moisture. we're getting this easterly- southeasterly flow and that is throwing all of this moisture on top of us and that is looking like the case tomorrow. most of the week sunsettled and we'll talk about that coming up. the full forecast in just a bit. >> thank you, gary. coming up, a new voice in the battle over gay marriage. why leaders from the neigh seen are announcing their support. plus, sentenceing day for a former rutger student. and a new study shows half of overweight teens are increasing their risk for heart problems down the road. dr. oz is joining us live next to discuss this troubling trend. 
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. a georgia family is providing a tough lesson in appreciating the positive. the family isover joy --over joyed the daughter is breathing on her own after losing a leg and both hands to flesh-eating bacteria. the father said amy copeland is breathing without a ventilator new cracking jokes and displaying her usual early morning grumpiness. copeland fell on a zip line in georgia, cut her leg and was infected with the bacteria. at first, doctors didn't expect her to survive. researchers studied more than 150 patients and they found a stigma duscopy, a
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simpler, cheaper plan of the lower part of the bottle, cut the risk of developing colon cancer by 21% and lowered the death rate by 26%. most doctors recommend the more than complete colonoscopy. many people need a costly unexpensive exam. scientists at the university of wisconsin found out that people with the most severe apnea had almost five times the risk of cancer death than those without it. those with apnea stop breathing causing oxygen levels in the blood to drop. researchers are studying what contributes to the possible length. maryland will be the first state to ban an arsenic additive from chicken feed and governor o'malley is expected to sign a bill forbidding the use of rockster zone, a chemical used to help the birds grow and fight parasites. an fda study found levels of inorganic arsenic and candles treated with the drug. it's a known carcinogen and
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pfizer stopped selling the chemical last july after the study was released. well, it was just a nasty day out there. not much more than that can be said about that. i see some sunshine coming out? >> you are an optimist. >> nothing but gray skies and i take that back. from that monitor. >> yeah, look at that there. >> yeah, i see that and it was spinning all day. >> in the rinse cycle there. >> yeah. >> and we still have some showers out there new. the reason we're seeing sunshine, there is a warm front sitting on top of the city. south of that warm front, there is some breaks in the clouds and temperatures have really come up, and there is a couple of showers trying to become thunderstorms. if we can, let me see what we can do. we start with radar. it can be fine if we can come here and we have this new. can you see there is a lot of showers. there is some thunderstorms offshore and there is a ton of
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rain. the flow is coming from the east and the southeast. that is going to continue to bring waves of moisture. some in the form of showers. just if it's not rainy, it's drizzily in places. and showers and clouds off of the south carolina georgia -- the south carolina-georgia coast line. and it's not very strong. it's a minimal tropical storm. it's going to move on off to the northwest. and it will be a remnant low area. around what is tropical storm alberto. and that was a surprise this weekend. you can see here this area of disturbed weather with tropical storm alberto. that is not really having much of an impact on our rainy situation here. we just have this broad area of east-southeast flow coming right off of the ocean, and that is just a lot of moisture.
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and it's going to come across. you know what? it's going to be that way. it looks like, for quite awhile, for the next several days and we're going to be unsettled around here. temperature right now, notice to the south. for the d.c. and quantico. fredericksburg and leonardtown. down across the eastern shore, cambridge in the mid-70s, salisbury, 76 and that is where the warmer air is. more to the north-northwest, hagerstown, frederick, martinsburg are in the 60s there and we're on the front and we could have a spotty thundershower this evening. then overnight tonight, we're talking about the continuation of some passing showers and some drizzle and fog, too and looks like we'll see it tomorrow and the full forecast, when we might see better stuff and warm, hot weather is coming our way. >> okay. >> all right, yeah, this is kind of tough to handle on the heels of a gorgeous weekend. >> and you just said, the important thing is we had a gorgeous weekend. >> you are correct, my friend. all right, we'll see you soon.
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remember, check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, ipad and on our website, alarming now statistics about overweight teens and heart risks. new federal research fines half of the nation's overweight teenagers are at risk for future cardiac problems. dr. oz joining us new to talk about this. doctor, thanks for being with us. first off, the cdc revealing the new research showing that half of overweight teens have risk of heart disease. we're talking about unhealthy blood pressure, cholesterol and levels that put them at risk for future cardiac problems. give us perspective and on how it is. >> reporter: now is quite the opposite. i am operating on 25-year-olds who have been obese and developing the blockage of the
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arteries. they going to be chronic diseases throughout their adult year. they can hinder the kids becoming adults from participating in society normally. >> and how now this information? doesn't being overweight put you automatically at a risk of heart disease? >> no question of being overweight. the problem is how much of a problem it is for young people. we thought in general, yonger adults are protected, officially kids, from having the ravages of diabetes, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. it turns out not just from the recently reported that you quoted, half of obese youngsters having problems but there is another report that came out showing that come when kids are overweight, they have changes to their hearts at a young age. for all of the parents out there, if your kids are overweight, their hearts are suffering. the good news, many of the problems are reversible and now that we know it's a big problem as it appears to be, we need to
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get kicking on this stuff. >> okay. >> and they issues we can fight in the families and with guidance. we saw you and chef mike isabella surprise the desouza family at their home and to help them make healthier choices with food. how are they do something. >> they doing fine. they joined me, god bless them. i made a visit to washington to a.m. bush them they're no longer having tennis ball-sized meatballs and making the shrimp scampies of the world and learned how to switch out butter for white wine and low salt broth, chicken broth and they really they need help. especially when it comes to packing your child's lunch, a big issue new for them. they get advice how to make it easier to do the right thing for their kids. >> wonderful. what great lessons for them and for all of us, too, watching. i have to ask you, finally, you have been holding this contest all year long. transformation nation, million dollar you and wednesday is the big finale. you have two of the finalists
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from virginia and give us a sneak peek at what we will so on wednesday? -- we will see on wednesday? >> they're going to compete with eight others to win the million dollars and this is not just about the million dollars but the fact that we had over a million people competing. they had wonderful tips. the 10 finalists will share with you the things that worked for them. they can work for you as well and you voted, america, you get to decide who is the winner. tabulates the votes and we'll announce that on wednesday. someone's life will change and i am getting goose bumps thinking about it. >> good, we'll be watching on wednesday. dr. oz as always, thank you for being -- thank you for being with us. coming up, why prosecutors at the roger clemens' perjury trial are not focusing their attention on the photo. taking up the picture at the boot party. twins conceived by artificial insemination. entitled to the dead father's social security benefit. the outcome of the case that made it to the supreme court next. and if you have a story
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. the roger clemons' perjury trial entered the sixth week with the man testifying he saw clemons at a pool party the former pitcher denied attending. the denial is lawn -- of the false statements clemons is accused of making in 2008. the party was held at canseco's home in 1998. the prosecutors showed jurors the witness who was 11 at the time on the pool deck next to clemens who was standing on the shallow end of the water. to north carolina now where a jury continues to deliberate in the case of john edwards. he's facing 30 years in prison. and he used $1 million in secret payments to hide his mistress n.2008 presidential
5:27 pm
bid. they not entitled to the social security benefits. the supreme court ruled unanimously on the case today. the twins were born 18 months after robert kapato's death from cancer. his wife used the frozen sperm to get pregnant. the social security rejected the benefits. the naacp follows president obama's lead. coming up, the group shows the support of one of the key civil rights issues of the day. and a case that rocked the rutgers university campus. a former student convicted of spying on his roommate learns his fate. later, facebook slots. shares plummet after one of the most highly anticipated ipos in history. 
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. a new voice entered the battle over gay marriage in the united states in baltimore this morning. the naacp announced it's new
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supporting marriage equality and will fight any efforts to restrict the rights of gay people who want to marry. the now. has touched off a strong reaction, especially among some leaders in african-american churches. tom fitzgerald is here. was this a surprise? >> reporter: laura, at first glance it seems to put the civil rights organization at odds with a good portion of the supporters. a recent survey by pew research found 39% of african-americans support gay marriage and 47% of whites do. the mission has been to support civil rights and that extends, they say, today, to people's right to marry. the president of the naacp said that it's the most important civil rights issue today. >> i support the freedom to marry to all. >> reporter: they hope the new resolution, which supports same- sex marriage, will cause african-americans to support
5:32 pm
marriage equality as a civil right. >> we want to be on record the naacp firmly opposes all efforts to restrict marriage equality. >> reporter: so far, six states and the district of columbia have allowed same-sex marriage while 31 states banned it. in maryland, a same-sex bill was signed into law, but opponents are trying to force a ballot vote in november . >> the naacp did not issue its support of marriage equality from a personal, moral, or religious perspective. >> reporter: as you might expect, not everyone is pleased with the naacp's position and in beltsville, maryland, the bishop of an african-american church tells us the civil rights group is alienating a large portion of the people it says it represents. >> wow, it's disappointment,
5:33 pm
betrayal, and confusion. >> reporter: the bishop harry jackson opposes same-sex marriage. he said the naacp is simply falling in line behind president obama rather than listen to its own supporters. >> i think what you're saying is an old anty waited kind of machine on its last legs and they're grasping for significance in this time. >> reporter: with church leaders like bishop jackson and the naacp on opposite sides, equality of opinions appears to still be at odds. what is the difference here? prior to his announcement, the naacp has been issuing positions on a case-by-case basis. what changes is for the first time, the civil rights group will have a nationwide 50- states statement in support of same-sex marriage, which they say they hope will move forward. and sentenceing day for former rutgers student who used
5:34 pm
a webwoman error error to spy on his roommate having relations with another man. he is going to jail. as fox's david lee miller reports, the sentence is short of what some hoped for. in a case that drew attention to cyberbullying, he was sentenced to 30 days behind bars for using his web cam to view a relationship between his roommate and another man and robe, found guilty on all 15 counts in february and could have faced 10 years in jail. and using a stern tone, the judge making clear he was not impressed with robbie's attempt to show remorse. >> i haven't heard you apologize once. the letter you gave to the presentence people is unimpressive. i know in thatletter you apologize to tyler and his family, but you need to mention. >> reporter: he will pay a $10,000 fine, which will go to a state-chartered group helping biased crime victims, do 300
5:35 pm
hours of community service and attend classes on cyberbullying and alternative lifestyles. >> this individual was not convicted of a hate crime. he was convicted of a bias crime and there is a difference. i say that because i do not believe he hated his roommate. >> the family said their son did nothing to bring about such hate. the father saying robbie's actions were due to the fact that his son was gay. >> he never did anything to mr. robie to make him dislike him or make him retaliate for some wrongdoing. no, mr. robbie did those criminal acts because he saw my son as not deserveing basic human decency and respect and because my son was different than him, below him, and because he was gay. >> reporter: the prosecution vows to appeal the sentence. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. a pennsylvania judge
5:36 pm
refused to delay the start of a pennsylvania sex abuse trial that involves jerry sandusky. it will likely begin in two weeks. sandusky's charged with 52 criminal counts of abusing 10 boys and has repeatedly denied the charges. sandusky's lawyer asked for a delay arguing that he needed more time to find and interview witnesses. the judge didn't explain his reason for refusing the delay. the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is facing a new rape allegation. the french counselor opened an allegation into allegations of rape into a washington hotel. the prosecutor's office said in a statement they look into this allegation that he may have been involved in a rape during a sex party in the hotel and while he was chief of the international monetary fund. it broadens the suspected prostitution probe to examine the claims of rape in december 2010. coming up, a prison riot involving hundreds of inmates
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turns deadly. and a wedding anniversary in virginia is marred by violence. ence.  we love gardening...
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. hundreds of prison inmates armed with homemade weapons rioted in mississippi, taking hostages and beating a guard to death. a special response team rescued 15 of the hostages on sunday. the adams county sheriff believes a gang fight set off the violence. the facility serves 2500 illegal immigrants. officers finally stopped the uprising. the prison remains on lockdown. a violent turn to a wedding anniversary celebration in virginia beach. someone started shooting during a vow renewal on saturday hitting two guests. a 35-year-old man was arrested.
5:41 pm
>> i heard a couple of shots. >> a man was shot in the chest and is in critical condition. another woman shot in the leg and is out of the hospital. coming up, president obama is set to pay a special visit to a town devastated by a tornado one year ago. we have details. and one of them will be crowned the next "american idol." they prepare for the biggest week of their lives. and gary is back to tell us when we can expect some sunshine in the forecast. stay with us. 
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imagine the nerves, the final two "american idol" contestants are dealing with now. they're working on perfecting their last performances for a chance to win the title. will a teenage singing sensation take back the idol crown from the men or will a southern crooner get the votes?
5:45 pm
fox's nicole collins has all the details from los angeles. >> reporter: inside -- . >> inside we have a fire and we're going to fight and battle each other. >> reporter: jessica sanchez setting the stage for the "american idol" finale when she goes head-to-head with phillip phyllis. >> talk to and this is crazy. >> reporter: they sporting very different styles. sanchez is the tiny 16-year-old from san diego with a big diva voice. phillips is a laid back jam band southern rocker in his early 20s. >> they can decide on who they want instead of debating anding the votes and that is a fair competition. >> reporter: the two know what is at stake. and each taking a television rent approach.
5:46 pm
>> and whatever happens happens and i'm going to fight for it and to fix every flaw in my song. >> and there is not any pressure. it's not messing up for me, you know, and i am not worried about it. if i win, awesome this is about having fun. >> and a concert from allen jackson is going a long way. the concert in weekend raised more than $150,000 he performed in the parking lot of the high school, which has been closed since the earthquake last august. the epicenter was in mineral in louisa county. the town won the show in a contest. meantime, the special evening at another high school. president obama will be delivering the commencement address to students in joplin, missouri. joplin, you may remember, joplin high was destroyed one year ago tomorrow in the
5:47 pm
deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years and students attended school for the past year and a converted big box retail store at a local mall. a rare solar eclipse moved across the pacific bringing out millions of people to catch the view. astronomers called it the ring of fire clipse. the moon passes in front of the sun blocking out all light. this was a special sensation in japan where the last anular eclipse was 15 years ago. >> what a sight. >> it was. >> beautiful and gorgeous. we told folks how to watch it online. i hope people tuned in our sky guy who you talked to? >> greg. >> yes. very cool guy. >> very cool and knowledgeable. >> a man in the know. >> way beyond cooler than i am i struggle to be cool all of the time. >> and did everyone knows that. in some sunshine. there. >> there you go. >> and that makes it humid out
5:48 pm
there. and sticky. we talked earlier about the frontal system and that is just disecting the area south of that and it's right on top of the city. south of that there is some rays of sunshine and to the south, a couple of thunderstorms here and there and not strong and very, very small, too and in that is some showers. i don't see anything that appears to be threatening or a thunderstorm. we'll zoom in tighter and backup towards rockville, there is the spur there. the northwestern sections of d.c. and getting some rain and into some go in tighter, and not much. just a shower here around great falls. you get the idea. there is the warm front we were talking about that redline. cooler to the north and a little bit warmer along the front and down to the south. more moisture, too and we're
5:49 pm
still talking about showers at 7:00, perhaps an isolateed thunderstorm. some showers at night, showers at 11 and everyone's getting the rain and there is some drizzle from time to time and overnight, fog. unsettled up and down the i-95 corridor and you get farther back out to the west. west virginia, tennessee, kentucky, back up into the ohio river valley and that is just a lot of rain and thunderstorm activity. listen, we do have that tropical storm, okay, down to the south that formed this weekend and that is not very strong. the cloud pattern is not even impressive and that is just a package here and that is not very strong and started up out here and we talked about this a lot last week and did did not anticipate it to be alberto, the first tropical storm of the season and that is coming to the south and now, going to get a kick and it's going to ride some winds to the north and northeast.
5:50 pm
right now, as of 5:00, and we're getting the hurricane center tracking this, the wins are maximum sustained at 40 miles an hour and that is not an impressive storm. moving to the east at 8 miles an hour and that is some this is the track to the north- northeast over the next few days and it's not going to be a problem for land. we may get a little bit of beach erosion along the beaches of the carolinas here and to cape hatteras and that is about it. little fanfare and the ships are moving through there and they not talking about a wave presence or anything like that and that is not a big deal at all and overnight tonight, the clouds and showers unsettled and some drizzle and fog, too, in places, 66 degrees and wake up tomorrow morning and that is going to be a wet morning commute and this is your forecast for tomorrow and that is a lot like today and the temperatures will jump into the upper 70s and we'll have some
5:51 pm
showers and some thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening and that is high it looks tomorrow and on wednesday and on to thursday. friday, drier now with some more sunshine coming back and once you get sunshine, looks like the weekend, a big old area of high pressure will build in and that is the good stuff. we're talking close to 90 degrees. >> wow. >> and on to saturday. >> good thing i planted my flower this weekend. >> yeah. >> and thanks, gary. >> yes. the talk of the town on tmz. he might have more money than the average man. apparently, mark zuckerburg had similar taste in music as the rest of us and harvey levine joining us from l.a. i understand he's a big michael jackson fan? >> a big michael jackson fan
5:52 pm
and green day fan. this wedding was interesting that they did this after the ipo and on the pretext of having a graduation party for his new wife and billy joel armstrong there was and sang. all in all, when you look at someone with $20 billion, it was an extremely low-kia, fair in the backyard. >> yeah. >> and that is extremely low- key. >> yeah. >> and what is interesting? >> yeah, sure. >> and this is -- this is what is going. that mark zuckerburg, there are people saying he timed this. >> right. >> he got his 20 million then married her the next day. >> uh-huh. >> so she couldn't lay claim to the $20 million. he wouldn't be married at the time he got it. and that is not the case. he made facebook what it was to sell it for that before he got married. whatever he sold it for was going his going in. anything they accumulate new afterwards, because i don't think they had a pre-nup. he's not that kind of guy,
5:53 pm
anything going forward that facebook increases in value. >> right. >> she would be entitled to half of that and the 20 billion is his. >> all right, and in a movie goes horribly wrong. a woman is accusing him of sexual battery. what is this about? >> this is a little crazy. last thursday, timothy busfield from 30 something, from west wing. >> uh-huh. >> he's at a movie theatre in the san fernando valley, a woman, a date. they kissing and according to her, he started groping her and she ended the date, she said, went to the police 20 hours later and foiled a sexual battery report against him and it's being investigated right now. it's a little weird what the etiquette is when two people are making out in the movie theatre about what the guy is or not allowed to do. >> that is an interesting one. we'll have to so how this shapes up. harvey levine on tmz, we'll so
5:54 pm
you then. and let's go to brian bolter for a look at what is next on the news edge at 6. and justice for a d.c. man who served decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit. tonight, we have a fox 5 exclusive. talking to tribble about his overturned murder conviction and innocence. a fairfax county high school named one of the best in the country. where it ranks among the top 1,000 public schools. and are campaign ads nauseating the american public? an obama supporter is criticizing tactics by both presidential candidates.
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5:57 pm
. the first full day of trading on the open market after a huge leadup to the initial public offering. >> people expected huge numbers and so far, they're not getting them. tracy barnes reports. >> reporter: it was one of the most highly anticipated ipos in
5:58 pm
history and after a rough start to friday, facebook is taking a hit on trading. at the initial offering price of $38, right from the start of the seg, facebook shares immediately began to drop. shares were trading as low as $33, down more than 10% in trading. >> it's clearly a valuation portion at this point in time. what will it be going for, what is a fair price from the stock and what is -- where do people move from here? >> reporter: investor demand was overhyped adding the stock was overvalued and not worth what investors were paying. where should shares of facebook be trading and how much is the company worth? >> this is like throwing darts and i don't know if anyone has a handle on terms of where they should be trading and in terms of the valuation of the company. >> reporter: the company's debut exposed serious technical issues with how the exchange handled the ipo and nasdaq now said it will review the process
5:59 pm
how it handles it. as of monday morning, some say that orders placed on friday have not been filled. in new york, i'm tracy burns. thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. and we're going to start with a showdown between the catholic church and the white house. and it's heating up as catholic organizations are challenging a new healthcare law in court. beth parker has more on the story. >> reporter: the archdiocese of washington is one of 43 catholic institutions across the country that are joining the lawsuits. 12 court actions were filed today. one of the suits was filed in federal court in d.c. and there are multiple plaintiffs, including the archdiocese of washington and catholic university. he's the issue. the


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